Faceday: Taking a Break

Why hello there, Lyfers. It’s Buttnana. For this week’s Faceday, we’re shifting gears.

I have acne. It’s hormonal, which means all the advice I get about water and green tea and not wearing makeup and wearing only some makeup and wearing makeup only on the third Sunday of the month when the moon is full and a virgin has been sacrificed by a good man to the gods of sebum…is bullshit. I take a testosterone blocker called Spironolactone because I’m hella queer and my body produces a shitload of testosterone even though I’m technically a cisgender woman. Spironolactone is what helps.

However. It’s not foolproof. And sometimes life happens. Which means I internalize all of my stress until it explodes out of my face.

Wow, Buttnana. That Was Graphic.
I know. Bear with me.

When this happens, I do not want anyone to see me at all ever because I’m fifteen years into my acne career and it is never not embarrassing. This is especially true considering part of this blog is about makeup.

So I’m giving myself a break. In a radical act of self-love, I’m going to adjust to my circumstances and I am going to give myself permission to step away from makeup for a moment.

What does that have to do with you?

Well, My Lovely Bunch of Coconuts…
It’s okay to give yourself a break with all of this. The prepping and the priming and the steady hand and the brushes and all of it. No one ever said to me “hey Buttnana…do you just want to not? Because it’s cool if you do,” and I feel like that would have been immensely helpful.

We’re often boxed into women who wear makeup vs. women who don’t as a lifestyle and it can be hard to step out of those boxes.

But the thing is…there are no boxes. Not really.

We are allowed to change our minds when it comes to makeup. The way we choose to express ourselves. It’s no one’s damn business but ours.

Sometimes I find I need permission, though. Because anxiety. Consider this your permission. I am giving you permission to look at your makeup bag or your train case or your entire vanity and give it the finger if that’s what you need.

My face is breaking out and it hurts. It’s what I need right now.

So This is My Buttnana Pledge to My Daaamn Self
When contouring becomes a source of stress, I’m just not gonna do it.

If I don’t feel like doing your eyebrows until they are fresh to death…I’m just gonna not do it.

I have eight billion eyeshadows. And I don’t have to wear them if I don’t want to.

When I look at my brushes and they stress me out, I’m just not going to deal with them.

I am allowed to look long and hard at my naked face until I am just as in love with it as my man is. Until I don’t see a problem with my freckles and dark circles and acne scars and enlarged pores.

I am also allowed to avoid any and all mirrors for a day if that’s what I want.

And you know what? It’s okay. It’s totally fine if thats what I need. ❤

It’s totally fine if that’s what you need, too. Life calls for adjustments. Adjusting is okay.

Taking a break is okay.

I, and you, will be okay. Please remember that.

Be kind to yourselves, y’all. I’ll see you Wednesday.

❤ ❤


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