Faceday: Using Eyeshadow to Contour

Heyyy Lyfers. Hope all is well. It’s time for another edition of Faceday where we talk about makeup and beauty and things like that. This week, I want to show you a trick that I use to contour my face because I am deathly pale but I still want to cut a fool with my cheekbones.

What the Hell is Contouring, Buttnana?
Contouring is darkening the preexisting shadows in your face and blending them to sharpen your features. However you choose to contour is your choice, so it’s cool to play around with it for awhile just to see what’s up. Because I’m so queer, most of the shadows in my face are already there so I like to sharpen the sides of my nose and hollows of my cheeks.

Okay Cool. So Why Eyeshadow, Weirdo?
Because I’m so, so pale almost all contouring shades are too dark and too warm for me. My coloring is very cool, so the shadows in my face are also cool. See how that works? Ideally, you want to see the shadows in your face as colors instead, and then find a contouring shade that looks like those shadows. And you know what comes in eight billion colors? Eyeshadow. Hello, custom contouring powder.

I’m using this NYX matte eyeshadow in the shade S.O.S., which they describe as being a “matte cool taupe.” Ideally, mattes are where it’s at because they don’t reflect light. Since you’re darkening/defining/carving out shadows in your face to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, matte shadows won’t reflect light and make your contours disappear depending on the angle.


Now, this shade works for ME. For one Buttnana. Likely, this shade will not look quite the same on you and that’s totally cool. That’s what swatches are for. And speaking of, here’s S.O.S. next to The Balm’s “Balm Desert.”


See how S.O.S. looks much more subtle and cool next to Balm Desert? That’s exactly what I want because that’s what color the shadows in my face are.

Before We Begin
I WILL say that this shadow is super subtle so it takes some building. That doesn’t bother me personally but if you’re looking for a one and done sort of thing you might want something darker.

I also want for us to be good scientists, so I’m doing the rest of my face first so we can focus on what exactly contouring does. These are the products I used to do the rest of my face:


And this is what I looked like before I contoured:

How to Contour

After the rest of my face was done, I used these two brushes from BH Cosmetics. I use the smaller angled brush for the sides of my nose and the larger brush for the hollows of my cheeks.


In a perfect contouring world you want something that’s got sharp edges for maximum control in application. But if you get epic results with a fluffier brush then go for it. This really is more preference than technique.

I personally just load up the brush and draw on the lines. Observe my hawk nose:


And my Marilyn Manson cheeks:

Lololol I look ridiculous. BUT. This is what blending is for. Because we’re using something pretty subtle, this is the easy part. I used a flat top kabuki brush to soften the edges of my cheek contour, and I used my fingertips to pat in the lines on the sides of my nose.

Now, this looks kind of cool or whatever…

Until you check out the side by side comparison:

Yaaaas contour Queeeeen. Dat definition tho. Note how I literally became a bigger person after I contoured. And note how I don’t LOOK like I drew all over my face and then blended it in. I just have some definition where I didn’t before. Just a little somethin’ somethin’ extra. Because I as a person am a little extra.

So there you have it! You can achieve pretty dope contour with eyeshadow.This is an everyday look that doesn’t look like it’s trying but totes is. Just like my haircut.

Let me know if you want me to model contouring in different and more dramatic contours. I’m off to hit up a family dinner and then go see some old friends. Here, have this ultra rare Buttnana smile for the road:


Have a good one, y’all. Stay classy!

❤ Buttnana


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